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Ramonita Garcia AKA Nina Garcia was born in the Bronx on September 21st 1974 From Puerto Rican descent parents Ramona Miranda and Wilfredo Garcia.


Nina became a young mother at the age of 14 to her boy Luis and at 16 to her daughter Linda and her son Mason at 22 on which Nina had to put her career on hold as an artist and a model to become a single mother to her children.

Nina never gave up and so on September 18,2018 she published her first book The Scars that Save Us, which became an inspirational motivating childhood biography story to many.

November 8,2019 the Movie Trapped by Maria Hernandez award winning urban action showcase film festival best feature film, Nina played the role of Linda. On August 2019 Nina became the founder of Ninajaceproductionsllc which create a podcast called Cocoa Caliente and Video Production sub company called Ray&Nina Video Productions.


Nina's career continued as an actress on a Saga called Smunysaga as Detective Miranda, Nina also played in Situationship by Dave Mayfilms as Nina Brown, Nina Garcia also played as Nina in Project Heat created by Tiffon Pop Dunn, Nina also played in the Vagrant by Anngeannette Pinkston not only has she played as an actress in many more projects but also in a music video by Young Dirty Bastard and was nominated and accepted as a contestant in the Ms. Universal Empire in London UK as Ms. Puerto Rico/USA by Layla Najafe.


On October 2021 Nina played Black Widow for an upcoming Tv Web series named Dragon Squad by Tyron Bullock and Jocelyn Nguyen, Nina Garcia is also a radio personality on Manchu Radio 93.5 FM New York Ost Nylock aka Colin Benjamin.

Nina has many more upcoming projects which makes her an unstoppable hard working talented woman and a wonderful actress.  On June 12, 2021 Nina has also won an award at the Masters of the Martial Arts Ceremony Harrah's Resort Atlantic City for Actor and Author. 

Nina is an inspirational woman who believes in helping others succeed on anything they set their mind to, She is loving and caring and determined to succeed.


To get to know Nina Garcia purchase her published book

"The Scars that save us!"

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